Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

No, please do not to be mistaken... I am not just wishing you a Happy Telegu New Year (Ugadi) but also a Happy English New Year. Yes, this happens to be my first post in 2007.

The fair share of obstacles apart here are some of the most significant things that have happened:-

A shift in location.

Bye-bye Hyderabad. Watch out B'lore!!!

I had a real good time in Hyderabad with so many friends and so many bitter-sweet memories. That place will always remain very close to my heart. It was however inevitable that I move on from Hyderabad (in case you know my past history you will be not really be surprised).

After being sent on a short term transfer for 3 months I was eventually asked to stay back and continue working from B'lore. Coming here has been like a breath of fresh air. After seeing most of my friends leaving Hyd for one reason or the other I had almost taken to a reclusive lifestyle. Those cobwebs have certainly been wiped clean now.

A shift in project.

Finally!!! My worries about the 2 years I spent in the same project with limited opportunities to grow technically and professionally have finally been put to rest. I have been assigned a new project which is technically more challenging. More challenges :-) --> more opportunities :-) --> more responsibilities :-(. Well there has to be a flip side to everything. Right?

My First Anniversary

Successfully celebrated my first smokeless anniversary :)!!! Yes it's been exactly a whole year since I quit that dastardly approach of mine to solving problems called smoking (no offence meant to my ex-fellow smokers). This was made doubly difficult by the more than fair share of problems that I was faced with last year. A taxing year I must say.

My First Adventure Trip

Survived my first adventure trip!!! A trip to a scenic location called Honnemardu with a great gang of people. I am actually indebted to a few of them for sticking by my side during that climb back from Jog falls (Yep, we went there too). Had it not been for those shouts of "Sumod, you there buddy???" I would probably have spent my night on that trail, sharing that rocky bed with creepy crawlies of various shapes, sizes, colors and venomous potencies. I can still feel that cold shudder, the one that differentiates man from God, running down my spine when I think of what would probably have become of me. Grit 'n' determination and a bunch of sweet people to the rescue yet again! This seems to have become the story of my life. :)

Speaking of rock! Iron Maiden was here. They came, they rocked, they conquered. That's all I am going to say about that. Hallowed be their name.

Ab tak 5000

5000 visitors and 46 posts later I still feel the same thrill when I am about to post another article here on my Utopian Dream. Another milestone (my 50th post) awaits.

Current Feeling...

Relief. Relieved about having left 2006 and it's problems far behind. Relieved to know that the fruits of patience aren't always bitter. Feeling relieved that I am not the only person experiencing this phenomenon. I think it's better that I wake up and smell the coffee before these waves of relief washing over me conspire to drown me in all the happiness that surrounds. Time I learnt to navigate these happy waters.

Well here is a toast to Happiness Rediscovered.

'Drinking' life to the lees,

Epilogue (courtsey PRAVS)

Drinking with style!!

Never ever did I think, drinking can be so much fun, until my good friend, Prav, showed me how! Every Friday evening we would hit B11 and drink to glory!! The ‘hard rock music’ and ‘the smooth alcohol’; made a perfect blend!! I guess this is what is called life!!

If it hadn’t been for my friend pravs, I would have never had so much fun!! :O:P

I am indebted to you PRAVS!!!! :P