Saturday, June 16, 2007

Swan Song of a Household Help

Is there anything I can do for you?
Anything at all.
Tell me madam tell me now,
Once and for all.

Have been waiting all these years,
At your beck; on your call.
Curse me babu one more time,
Before I fall.

For your pranks and all your mischief’s,
I have taken the fall.
Melt me baba with your mischievous smile,
On my knees I crawl.

Back from your drunken late night parties,
When you trip; I break your fall.
Scold me missy with those intoxicating eyes,
Before my knell tolls.

From the utensils in the kitchen,
To my white coverall.
I will miss the mice that scurry away,
When I mop the hall.

Spent the best part of my life serving,
Trying to please one and all,
But like all good things,
On this too the curtains must fall.

Walking away into the distant sunset,
There descends on me a gloomy pall,
Who will water the tulsi I planted,
Yesterday, by the wall?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The New Rhythm Mandir Video.... :)

Ppl ppl ppl.... Rhythm Mandir and AB are back with their video of Uptown

Check it out... Includes clips from their performance at the Bollwood Music Awards, Nov 4th, 2006 at the Trump Taj (Atlantic City)... Go AB Go

Rainbow Raani... Interview with the guyz

The Rat's Rut...

There was time when my frustration used to be latent. Those days I had the feeling that I was a despicable person (not that I have reason to feel otherwise now). I have left myriad footprints (pawprints rather) on the net during my incognito traversals to discover the truth about myself (or the true me... whatever). I feel its time the Rat in me comes to the fore and though I am still meandering (and frustrated... not latent anymore), there is this benign (benevolent almost...) feeling that some of the pawprints shouldn't go unnoticed. So for the benefit of the entire human race I unveil The Rat's Rut.

I have a plan to make a book out of this where the Rat is the central character. Something one could relate to the documentary Tales of the Rat Fink (2006), although not entirely the same. The sketch should be somewhat similar to that of the original Rat Fink though I might have to modify it before my blog becomes an IP (Intellectual Property for the uninitiated) hotspot.

Now read on... You might want to link to The Rat's Rut for better reading pleasure. Or what the heck just read on...

Hello world!!!

The rat is born. Now it has to rut. Where do I start?

Hmmm. I need five more minutes to figure that out, but I CANNOT wait that long to make my first post in the blog world.

So, here goes...

Launching the Rat's Rut, something which I personally hope no other rodent lays it's dirty eyes/paws on.


The Emperor Of Rutistan

Trumpets sound… 21 gunshots one after the other ring out clear in the cumulus infected late morning sky, making humanely invisible perforations in the pregnant clouds on their way up to meet their creator. The creator smiles, clearly satisfied with the seemingly paltry sacrifice, as he parts the silvery blue ceiling with a perfectly circular beam of golden light laden with blessings, lending a very snug feel to the whole setting.

The trumpets part from the kissing lips that blew life into them and the ringing in my ears from the gunshots is replaced by the herald proclaiming “King of Kings, Emperor of Emperors, Shadow of God on Earth, Emperor of Rutistan, Emperor Rutting Rat The (Two to the Power Rutting Eight)th”. That is my cue. This is my day. Little does the herald know that he has not just ushered in the new Emperor of Rutistan, his savior and master of his fortune but also the most glorious period in the history of Rutistan, and more importantly the most important period of my life. I step forward basking in the glow of attention, satisfaction and glorification to take my rightful place in the an(n)als of history.


I promiseeeeeeeee that I will continue this and take it to completion, unlike most other things that come under my purview although I will not be responsible for any delay or slump in interest from my part. Darn I am becoming too good at writing disclaimers!!! Must be all the documentation I get to do at work.

Till we meet again folks RIP (Rut In Peace)...!!!!!!!!!! ;-)