Saturday, June 16, 2007

Swan Song of a Household Help

Is there anything I can do for you?
Anything at all.
Tell me madam tell me now,
Once and for all.

Have been waiting all these years,
At your beck; on your call.
Curse me babu one more time,
Before I fall.

For your pranks and all your mischief’s,
I have taken the fall.
Melt me baba with your mischievous smile,
On my knees I crawl.

Back from your drunken late night parties,
When you trip; I break your fall.
Scold me missy with those intoxicating eyes,
Before my knell tolls.

From the utensils in the kitchen,
To my white coverall.
I will miss the mice that scurry away,
When I mop the hall.

Spent the best part of my life serving,
Trying to please one and all,
But like all good things,
On this too the curtains must fall.

Walking away into the distant sunset,
There descends on me a gloomy pall,
Who will water the tulsi I planted,
Yesterday, by the wall?


Sameera said...

tis me tis me
this is not about ur swam song sowwie :p

pls blog abt the latest happenings in ur life ;)

neways i know u wont..why am i bothering?
point to be pondered!

Sameera said...

i meant swan

sumod_talking said...

yo samji... the words have formed in my mind waiting to find their way to paper or textpad as the case may be... see u soon on the other side of a post :)