Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hell deep down in the ditch
So much for decisions being weighed
Hell its like the flip of a switch
In the end it leaves you feeling played


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If only

If only badapadapapapap

If only I had something to say
Anything for the clouds to go away
If only we could go out and play
With the sun shining go out and make some hay

If only badapadapapapap

If only someone would listen to me
Break the shackles and come roam free
If only this green pasture that I see
We could roam unfettered and make merry

If only badapadapapapap

If only I had 25 mil to spend
No, that would drive me over the bend
If only fences were so easy to mend
Life the great leveller sets it's own trend

If only badapadapapapap

If only people would my transgressions forgive
Realize that there is a life we gotta live
If only I could stop this rhyme
Stop sliding on auto pilot deep into slime


Friday, June 15, 2012

In transit

Life is a constant transition. Never more evident than in my case. Even this post comes when I am in transition. From Bangalore to SFO. From familiar odors to new ones. From love to loneliness. From being misinformed to being empowered. From making the mistake of doubting my ability to at least wanting to regain my self esteem. I owe this post to myself.

Right now riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) :-)

Take care. Catch y'all later.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bug bites

Bitten by the bug
Hell no I am just plain simple bugged

Please don't read any further
What follows I admit is murder

Work of an idle dysfunctional brain; so stop
Unless you are looking for the proverbial devil's workshop

Processes and protocols all stacked up around me
Tip-toeing around it unless I wake up a sentry

If you are still with me then do pardon the spelling
Without auto-correct this task is too grueling

Hunger pangs early in the morning
Need loads of energy for some serious bench warming

This is exactly where I am getting totally stuck
Searching for the next line to rhyme with this muck

Life around me naah nothing much
Can't give up though life is such

Pills and pricks all around
My life coming hurtling to the ground

Many a heart broken
Damn roller coaster that runs on a token

106.1 KMEL plays my music
Broad smiles hide my pain from the public

Time to sign off from this rant
Against all odds I plan to be prevalent