Sunday, May 28, 2006


Had to go to office yday coz of some urgent work. Ended up doing just abt everything other than work. Swam, stood on the weighing machine, was so happy abt my weight that i treated myself to an extra heavy lunch (regretted that later however ), listened to songs, jumped around all over office something i wouldn't have dared to on a weekday... Man, I love office on Saturday.

Venkat called up sometime after lunch and asked if we wanted to catch a movie. Raj was game for a movie. Hemant thought Abids would be too far and Vasu backed out citing the lame excuse that he had some work ...

Fanaa had jus released the day before, but Venkat somehow managed the seemingly impossible... For Venkat impossible is nothing :p

Coming to the movie... amazing first half followed by a serious second half which too was interspersed with its cute lil funny moments especially with the introduction of Rehan junior... the movie was well taken... amzing cinematography... i particularly liked the song in which the rain falls when Aamir and Kajol are having dinner and the camera shot taken from top which shows the water drops bouncing off Kajol... It sure was a treat to watch...

First half had Amir Khan playing a guide and a bad poet (another one like me ) and the second half shows him in his true colors as an international terroist who like Tabu says had changed the face of terrorism in the Indian sub-continent...

Coming to the subtelities in the movie. The movie is politically neutral. It does not support any cause and does not ask you to empathize or sympathize with either party... The movie is neither pro India or pro Pakistan, neither pro Terrorism nor pro Peace. It's a movie abt choices.

Felt that most of the characters were selfish to a certain extent. Which gives it a lil bit of the reality touch. On the whole the flick is a heady mix and has some James Bond style stunts thrown in for good measure...

A very very watchable movie ( for lack of a better word )...

For you to decide if it is Fun or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, May 22, 2006

Love & The World...

Love the sand,
Slipping through my fingers.
Love the hand,
That touches and lingers.

Love the rain,
Drumming on my tin roof.
Love the pain,
When you box me in spoof.

Love the wind,
Ruffling my hair.
Love the kind,
Thoughtful look you wear.

Love the scent,
Of the rain soaked earth.
Love the hint,
Of honey in your breath

Love the hush,
Of the peaceful night.
Love your lush,
Dark hair that shines so bright.

Love the melody,
That echoes in my ear.
Love to see you my lady,
In that red gown you wear.

Love the birds,
Singing from their perch on the tree.
Love the words,
That you say so lovingly to me.

Love the rainbow,
After last night’s heavy rain.
Love to see your face glow,
Even through all the pain.

Love to wiggle my toe,
In the soft, freshly tilled land.
Love that feeling you know,
When you cling tightly to my hand.

Love the rhyme,
That sets the mind free.
Love the time,
That you spend fussing over me.

Love each simple pleasure,
This world has to offer.
Love you like a treasure,
That overflows my coffer.

Love my dear,
Has brought you to me.
Love! Don’t fear,
Let the rest of the world be.

Monday, May 15, 2006

After You Left.

Had my head up in the clouds,
When I heard this rumor doing the rounds,
Someone told me that you were leaving,
It hit me like a blow ‘n’ sent me reeling.

They said that you were going away,
Having decided to live life your own way.
Didn’t believe anything they said,
All my detractors who wished me dead.

Rushed home trying not to cry,
Just in time to see the taxi speeding by.
Bags packed and tied to the roof,
You sitting inside, cold and aloof.

Shouted your name out loud in the street,
Did not want to accept defeat.
Fought those tears, now crying to break free,
Threatening to drown the dreams I used to see

Hey it used to be us,
Since that day we met on the bus.
Till yesterday when we shared a coffee,
Now we are different people, you and me.

After all that we had been through,
How could you leave me so lost, so blue?
I did all that you told me to,
It was like you had me under voodoo.

Went up to the room, was greeted by the silence,
Couldn’t take it, slammed the door with violence.
Calmed down thinking that you would return,
Opened the door twenty times just to find no one.

Picked up the glass and the plate,
As usual you hadn’t cleaned up after you ate.
Wondering if this really was my fate,
What oh what had caused all this hate?

I told myself to be strong,
To stop thinking about what went wrong.
But it’s easier said than done you see,
You used to be a part of me.

What was it that really went wrong?
What made you just another face in the throng?
Was it that you found someone new?
Was it that my money was too little, too few?

Hmmm all these sleepless nights,
Thinking about you and how reality bites.
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t known you at all,
Sometimes for you to come stop this free-fall.

Now that you have left I feel so lost,
People telling me that I look like my ghost.
Trying to find a way out of this maze,
Am working my way through it in a daze.

Looking back at those moments we shared,
Sometimes I wonder if you really cared.
Doesn’t matter anymore you see,
This is the last time someone’s walking all over me.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Born on a thorn...

Muhahaha I am born,
Into this world, tattered and torn.
Feeling so lost, so forlorn,
Like i missed the rose and caught the thorn.

Whenever people call me a fool,
I blame it all on my school.
They told me to be nice to one and all,
Even if they pierce your heart with burning coal.

An idiot is what i feel like,
Not jus coz i cant ride a bike.
Not even becoz i dont get a salary hike,
But jus coz i really cant figure out my psyche.

About my life i could go on and on,
Like that ad of the battery Amaron,
But I think i had better be gone,
Someone is calling me on my damn phone.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Give me the answers.

Is there more to this world than I see?
What am I doing here and by whose decree?

Am I here to simply pass out my time?
Or is that really my biggest crime?

Am I here to mint more money?
Or is that a sign of impending felony?

Should I make knowledge my favorite dish?
Or is ignorance in reality bliss?

Am I here to travel far and wide?
Or just to let others take me for a ride?

Am I here to practice what I preach?
Or should I stop aiming for things out of my reach?

Should I be happy with where I am?
Or is being stagnant a cause for alarm?

Am I here to spread the love?
Or hear that word and raise my brow?

Am I here to care for the poor and needy?
Or just to shut up and continue being greedy?

Is there a way to know who is genuine and true?
Or should I help all those who come out of the blue?

Am I here to combat all this militancy?
Or should I kill my heroism in its infancy?

Am I here to stop all the mindless violence?
Or to quell my doubts and forever hold my silence?

Is there any way to try and stop all this hate?
Or will discussions pave way for another endless debate?

Am I here to stop all this profanity?
Or let it go as another flaw of humanity?

Am I here to try and end all this corruption?
Or just to stare as it goes past all redemption?

Should I be gracious to all and sundry?
Or should curtsies be reserved only for the gentry?

Am I here to lead the way?
Or just to go by what others say?

Am I here to stamp my authority?
Or give others’ feelings higher priority?

Should I listen to my heart and do as I am told?
Or just leave my emotions out in the cold?

Am I here to defeat the evil that holds sway?
Or just to turn my back and run away?

Am I here to be the savior of the world?
Or just to sit back and let someone else be bold?

Is there any way to know what I have to do?
I would love to ask someone, but then who?


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bohemian Rap...

I came out searching for unbridled fun.
Now I return, my head hung.
Here I stand, emotions denuded,
All shook up, my faith beheaded.

The grass is always greener on the other side,
That’s one truth you cannot hide.
In-spite of that I gave it a shot,
Tried to be someone I was not.

Tried to put my life in some kind of order,
In a bid to climb up the ‘social ladder’.
Guess I really didn’t come up trumps,
Ending up with only the bruises and lumps.

From, the casual, “Hey, Wassup dude?”
To the sweet and sugary, “Hello! How do you do?”
It’s been quite a transition,
Correction, almost a transformation.

What is it that makes you stick to the rule?
When being the exception is almost always cool.
You look down on me, calling me selfish,
Just because I do something you don’t wish.

The irony always fails on you.
Only telling me that I can’t take a cue.
My mind here is almost going decrepit,
Trying to make everything so explicit.

Other times you just go ballistic,
Trying to tell me that I am sarcastic.
You take my occasional naughty nip,
As a show of intolerable one-upmanship.

And when it has all gone down,
Here I am, on my own now.
Self respect torn beyond repair,
I stand alone, with nothing to fear.

You call me a social misfit,
Why don’t you let me be myself for a bit?
You shut the door on my face with a bang.
I don’t mind, because I am who I am.

Then the way you ask me how I feel,
Like you care more for the boot at your heel.
You think I am going to tell you anymore,
Just to have u treat me like an eyesore.

From now I decide where to go.
No need for any more genteel show.
No need for all the social spit and polish,
I am going back into my shell, my acropolis.

Let me retreat to that comfortable shade,
Even heroes know when to be afraid.
Hero!!! Me??? Sorry, don’t have the glamour.
I am not even a knight, let alone the shining armor.

I mean to go back to my bohemian lifestyle,
Leaving this path of incongruous self-denial.
There she is, eagerly waiting my arrival,
Forgive me bohemia; I am but the prodigal.