Thursday, May 04, 2006

Give me the answers.

Is there more to this world than I see?
What am I doing here and by whose decree?

Am I here to simply pass out my time?
Or is that really my biggest crime?

Am I here to mint more money?
Or is that a sign of impending felony?

Should I make knowledge my favorite dish?
Or is ignorance in reality bliss?

Am I here to travel far and wide?
Or just to let others take me for a ride?

Am I here to practice what I preach?
Or should I stop aiming for things out of my reach?

Should I be happy with where I am?
Or is being stagnant a cause for alarm?

Am I here to spread the love?
Or hear that word and raise my brow?

Am I here to care for the poor and needy?
Or just to shut up and continue being greedy?

Is there a way to know who is genuine and true?
Or should I help all those who come out of the blue?

Am I here to combat all this militancy?
Or should I kill my heroism in its infancy?

Am I here to stop all the mindless violence?
Or to quell my doubts and forever hold my silence?

Is there any way to try and stop all this hate?
Or will discussions pave way for another endless debate?

Am I here to stop all this profanity?
Or let it go as another flaw of humanity?

Am I here to try and end all this corruption?
Or just to stare as it goes past all redemption?

Should I be gracious to all and sundry?
Or should curtsies be reserved only for the gentry?

Am I here to lead the way?
Or just to go by what others say?

Am I here to stamp my authority?
Or give others’ feelings higher priority?

Should I listen to my heart and do as I am told?
Or just leave my emotions out in the cold?

Am I here to defeat the evil that holds sway?
Or just to turn my back and run away?

Am I here to be the savior of the world?
Or just to sit back and let someone else be bold?

Is there any way to know what I have to do?
I would love to ask someone, but then who?


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