Friday, May 05, 2006

Born on a thorn...

Muhahaha I am born,
Into this world, tattered and torn.
Feeling so lost, so forlorn,
Like i missed the rose and caught the thorn.

Whenever people call me a fool,
I blame it all on my school.
They told me to be nice to one and all,
Even if they pierce your heart with burning coal.

An idiot is what i feel like,
Not jus coz i cant ride a bike.
Not even becoz i dont get a salary hike,
But jus coz i really cant figure out my psyche.

About my life i could go on and on,
Like that ad of the battery Amaron,
But I think i had better be gone,
Someone is calling me on my damn phone.


Anonymous said...

Interesting !!!!!!!!! born on thorn...

Kalyan said...

U can do better than this. It seemed a bit funny-The title was great though

hari said...

enna oru creativity engayo poita machi