Monday, January 23, 2006

Exorcising The Demon - Part II


I have never been a great admirer of the (un)aesthetic beauty of the cubicle farm. A rectangular (at times, square) area, surrounded by partitions with an opening, which looks bigger from outside than it actually is. Development of camaraderie apart this is one place where the word privacy takes on a completely different meaning. The word cubicle which originally means a small room in which a monk or nun lives should no longer be called so. After all we need to preserve the sanctity and to a certain extent the dignity of the work done by these people who are certainly closer to the almighty than you or me (well in most cases they are). This is one topic which I will brood upon some other time (no reminders required). Now back to where we left off.

Crash, bang, clang…. I was spread-eagled on the floor. This of all the darned fool things that could have happened, was the one I had least expected or wanted. In my race against death (totally symbolic huh, would not be that amusing if you were in my present state), I had forgotten that the misanthropic imbecile who had done the networking on our floor had not properly concealed one particular clump of cables. I had always insisted (but obviously to no avail) that those cables were a disaster waiting to happen. I wish I had not made that statement. Since it was not a time to congratulate myself on having proved my theory to be right, I did a quick back-flip (ok not an elegant one) to assess the situation. I regretted it the very next instant.

The ever grinning angel of death had abandoned its pouncing posture and was ambling towards its hapless prey. With imminent death looming large, all I could do was lie motionless feeling completely drained. I don’t know if it was that swaggering walk of the skeleton or the effect of my long, but seemingly futile, attempt to escape that was taking its toll. “Do something. Just don’t lie there and let that thing take you.” screamed the hysterical voice. “Shut up”, I said “Give me some time. Let me think.”. “Time!!!” it was a harsh whisper this time, “that is exactly what you don’t have now. Do something and do it fast.”

Friday, January 13, 2006

Washing away my sins...........

This rivulet is called the Papanashini ( Destroyer of Sins for those uninitiated to the Sanskrit Language ). According to popular Hindu belief it is the 3 "dip" path to Moksha ( salvation ). It is widely believed that 3 dips are enough to wash away all your earthly sins ( I took 9 as a precaution ). It is also one of the sacred places where Hindus come to perform the last rites of their kith and kin. This rivulet flows down a hillock which makes the water refreshingly cool and clear. A must go for all you sinners out there. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Foggy drop...

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The temple we went to....

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A lake in the midst of hills...

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Vayanad !!! U must go there

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The house where we stayed....

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Exorcising the Demon - Part I


I was out of breath by the time I reached the 88th step. It did not surprise me. It takes very little to knock the breath out of me. What surprised me was that I made it till here. I looked down from the 3rd floor, and heard the hollow,taunting laugh followed by the sickening tippity-tap sound of bone meeting the polished marble steps. It was still there, and gaining fast. Mortal fear reared it's desperate head once more. "Concentrate" it told me, " just a few more steps and then a dash to the desk". Tearing my eyes away from the cold gaze of death I bounded up the remaining 20 steps, ignoring the searing pain in my legs from running a whole kilometer, and climbing up those 88 steps which assumed humongous proportions with each step.

Finally, the third floor, another hundred meters or so to safety. I plucked up some courage and stole a glance back just in time to see the horrifying bag of bones and putrid flesh rounding up last fleet of stairs. Not wanting to contemplate on the consequences of not making it in time I looked away for one last time and sprinted down the corridor which wore a deserted look of foreboding. To my right the elevator doors opened and closed invitingly,with its lights flashing on and off in tune. Ignoring them I rounded the corner into the vast hallway. I was halfway there. The sick tapping increased in urgency and intensity, which meant that it was not far off. Not that I dared to look back now. Not now when I was almost there. At that very moment my desk came into view. Twenty meters more. I willed myself on. Driven by pure adrenaline and the vile breath of the creature on the nape of my neck I pushed myself on. 15, 10,5..... Almost there. I heard the hollow laugh once more, and looked back to see the demon crouched low like a hungry cat ready to pounce on its hapless prey. "Dont give up", the voice in my head was back, "You can't give up", it screamed at me. And then it happened......

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back after a bigger break....


I have really lost track of how long it has been since I last wrote. Maybe I was afflicted by a severe case of blue . Anywayz back now and have resolved ( I have a steely resolve mind you ) to get back to my scribbling ways ( U should hear what the teachers back in school used to say about my handwriting )...

My sincere apologies to all those who used to check the blog.