Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is it..

Why is it that I have craved for attention this long
Why do I seek approval
Why is it that I hate it even if one single person doesnt like me
I am not a nice guy
No not by any stretch of anyone's imagination
All that talk abt everyone is good.. All BS

I feel like boxing
Hitting someone till it hurts me
tea and biscoti,,, davidoff in front of me... but I dont yearn for a smoke anymore
Its been quite a while... I have some work but someone else is using the mainframe id...

I just watched vaaranam aayiram... rather long movie... sameera reddy in this movie makes me want to fall in love again... :D some dust on the screen of my toshiba... made it look like an extra full stop...eyes are closing but I have work... i might have pissed someone off with my deeds or maybe this person is just playing around... i do care coz i seek approval... lemme see what can be done... running low of battery... plugged it in... feeling really sleepy

gotta go bye.. later

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Of profile pictures

Here I am,
The man who gazes at profile pictures,
In my room or in the middle of a traffic jam,
People standing in various postures.
I see them, some that i know
Some that I wanna forget
Some as I see, they seem to grow
Chuckle chuckle who is that midget
Is that you Tiny before you started to bloat
And who is the hot lady you have with you
Oh do tell her she looks good in that mink coat
The car in the background is that new?

Ah I see him, my best friend from childhood,
He used to be the big brother of the neighbourhood.
I see the scar from the crash etched deep in his face,
All traces of tenderness erased without a trace.
There she is, the long lost love of my life,
Now she is another man's wife.
I stare at another sepia picture.
Of the other girl I used to like,
So scarred, so scared I waited
I waited too long and she found Mike.
I look at all my buddies,
Counting the bleassings that I have.

Yesterday a picture changed,
The face remains the same the t-shirt seems new.
Yesterday a picture changed,
The face remains the same the attitude seems new.
Yesterday there was just one person,
Today's profile seems to have two.
Did you get married or is that your girlfriend,
Good to know that you've become a father of two.
The family pic that's on your profile,
There were 20 people yesterday now there are 22,
The family pic in his profile,
Today there are many tomorrow there could be few.