Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is it..

Why is it that I have craved for attention this long
Why do I seek approval
Why is it that I hate it even if one single person doesnt like me
I am not a nice guy
No not by any stretch of anyone's imagination
All that talk abt everyone is good.. All BS

I feel like boxing
Hitting someone till it hurts me
tea and biscoti,,, davidoff in front of me... but I dont yearn for a smoke anymore
Its been quite a while... I have some work but someone else is using the mainframe id...

I just watched vaaranam aayiram... rather long movie... sameera reddy in this movie makes me want to fall in love again... :D some dust on the screen of my toshiba... made it look like an extra full stop...eyes are closing but I have work... i might have pissed someone off with my deeds or maybe this person is just playing around... i do care coz i seek approval... lemme see what can be done... running low of battery... plugged it in... feeling really sleepy

gotta go bye.. later

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