Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bohemian Rap...

I came out searching for unbridled fun.
Now I return, my head hung.
Here I stand, emotions denuded,
All shook up, my faith beheaded.

The grass is always greener on the other side,
That’s one truth you cannot hide.
In-spite of that I gave it a shot,
Tried to be someone I was not.

Tried to put my life in some kind of order,
In a bid to climb up the ‘social ladder’.
Guess I really didn’t come up trumps,
Ending up with only the bruises and lumps.

From, the casual, “Hey, Wassup dude?”
To the sweet and sugary, “Hello! How do you do?”
It’s been quite a transition,
Correction, almost a transformation.

What is it that makes you stick to the rule?
When being the exception is almost always cool.
You look down on me, calling me selfish,
Just because I do something you don’t wish.

The irony always fails on you.
Only telling me that I can’t take a cue.
My mind here is almost going decrepit,
Trying to make everything so explicit.

Other times you just go ballistic,
Trying to tell me that I am sarcastic.
You take my occasional naughty nip,
As a show of intolerable one-upmanship.

And when it has all gone down,
Here I am, on my own now.
Self respect torn beyond repair,
I stand alone, with nothing to fear.

You call me a social misfit,
Why don’t you let me be myself for a bit?
You shut the door on my face with a bang.
I don’t mind, because I am who I am.

Then the way you ask me how I feel,
Like you care more for the boot at your heel.
You think I am going to tell you anymore,
Just to have u treat me like an eyesore.

From now I decide where to go.
No need for any more genteel show.
No need for all the social spit and polish,
I am going back into my shell, my acropolis.

Let me retreat to that comfortable shade,
Even heroes know when to be afraid.
Hero!!! Me??? Sorry, don’t have the glamour.
I am not even a knight, let alone the shining armor.

I mean to go back to my bohemian lifestyle,
Leaving this path of incongruous self-denial.
There she is, eagerly waiting my arrival,
Forgive me bohemia; I am but the prodigal.


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Well written...

Priya said...

u realy hav a with with wordss
loved singing it.. in my own tune! :D