Monday, May 22, 2006

Love & The World...

Love the sand,
Slipping through my fingers.
Love the hand,
That touches and lingers.

Love the rain,
Drumming on my tin roof.
Love the pain,
When you box me in spoof.

Love the wind,
Ruffling my hair.
Love the kind,
Thoughtful look you wear.

Love the scent,
Of the rain soaked earth.
Love the hint,
Of honey in your breath

Love the hush,
Of the peaceful night.
Love your lush,
Dark hair that shines so bright.

Love the melody,
That echoes in my ear.
Love to see you my lady,
In that red gown you wear.

Love the birds,
Singing from their perch on the tree.
Love the words,
That you say so lovingly to me.

Love the rainbow,
After last night’s heavy rain.
Love to see your face glow,
Even through all the pain.

Love to wiggle my toe,
In the soft, freshly tilled land.
Love that feeling you know,
When you cling tightly to my hand.

Love the rhyme,
That sets the mind free.
Love the time,
That you spend fussing over me.

Love each simple pleasure,
This world has to offer.
Love you like a treasure,
That overflows my coffer.

Love my dear,
Has brought you to me.
Love! Don’t fear,
Let the rest of the world be.


Red E said...

Love the shit
That has never worked for me.

Never mind…

Love the only ray of hope
Pull me through this world of no scope ...

Good one dude...
We'll try to make a jingle out of it.

Prtha said...

nice jingle sumod...way to go :-)

Anonymous said...

mere pyare sumod,
wah kya shayari hain.
jabse maine tere shear padhe,
life sunehari hain. :P

Ok thts a lil too much ..
nice ones sumod, now I know for sure somethings cooking.


KS said...

Okay, am an old mate of yers, so you can tell moi.
Whos she?
umm (assuming you are straight of course :P )
PS. I changed my template - for good I guess.

Sameera said...

i have the same question as ks

who is she?inspiring u to write poetry..

nice one tho

sumod_talking said...

@ red e

still waiting for that jingle to ring in my ears dude :D

@ pritha

thnx yaar... lets hope i can sustain the poetry :D

@ Shiri

nuthin cooking shooking yaar...
tu load mat le...

@ KS and sameera

naah ppl me still single...
trying my hand at jingle ;)