Monday, May 15, 2006

After You Left.

Had my head up in the clouds,
When I heard this rumor doing the rounds,
Someone told me that you were leaving,
It hit me like a blow ‘n’ sent me reeling.

They said that you were going away,
Having decided to live life your own way.
Didn’t believe anything they said,
All my detractors who wished me dead.

Rushed home trying not to cry,
Just in time to see the taxi speeding by.
Bags packed and tied to the roof,
You sitting inside, cold and aloof.

Shouted your name out loud in the street,
Did not want to accept defeat.
Fought those tears, now crying to break free,
Threatening to drown the dreams I used to see

Hey it used to be us,
Since that day we met on the bus.
Till yesterday when we shared a coffee,
Now we are different people, you and me.

After all that we had been through,
How could you leave me so lost, so blue?
I did all that you told me to,
It was like you had me under voodoo.

Went up to the room, was greeted by the silence,
Couldn’t take it, slammed the door with violence.
Calmed down thinking that you would return,
Opened the door twenty times just to find no one.

Picked up the glass and the plate,
As usual you hadn’t cleaned up after you ate.
Wondering if this really was my fate,
What oh what had caused all this hate?

I told myself to be strong,
To stop thinking about what went wrong.
But it’s easier said than done you see,
You used to be a part of me.

What was it that really went wrong?
What made you just another face in the throng?
Was it that you found someone new?
Was it that my money was too little, too few?

Hmmm all these sleepless nights,
Thinking about you and how reality bites.
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t known you at all,
Sometimes for you to come stop this free-fall.

Now that you have left I feel so lost,
People telling me that I look like my ghost.
Trying to find a way out of this maze,
Am working my way through it in a daze.

Looking back at those moments we shared,
Sometimes I wonder if you really cared.
Doesn’t matter anymore you see,
This is the last time someone’s walking all over me.



Kalyan said...

Hey sumod,
Great Poem man, loved it. But tell me did u undergo those emotions? Hard to belive that u wrote this poem without experiencing wat u wrote...

sumod_talking said...

kallu this couldnt be me man :) i live at home with my parents... aint into live-ins till now u see :):):) so this aint me for sure... poetry jus happens and i guess ppl say the same abt love too.. i would'nt know would I ;)

jr said...

man, i never knew u were married and your wife left you :-)...neways, it was a good one...ah, well, actually, u can still improve ;-)

sumod_talking said...

lot of things i didn't tell u jr :)

Anonymous said...

Whooow, think ive seen a movie like this :) I cant digest the fact that its a spontaneous poem. im sure there lies a dark secret beneath !!

Hari said...

nice one buddy

sumod_talking said...


naah me jus writin after seein all the pain around me :)


thanks man :)

Priya said...

cute! :)

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