Friday, April 21, 2006

Running (Dont ask where to.)

Running is a pain,
From which I really don’t gain.
I don’t seem to lose any weight,
And I really miss getting up late.

Every morning when I check it at 4:30,
The weighing scale always says 140.
I hang my head in shame,
Lack of sleep is driving me insane.

I need to stop feeling strange,
Will this sensation ever change?
I can’t bend to tie my lace,
Is that such a big disgrace?

I go out into the morning chill,
Telling myself that running is a thrill.
Happy that I am not carrying my phone,
For once I seem to be truly left alone.

I break into a jog,
Trying to clear the fog.
My mind seems unusually cloudy,
Must be last night’s brandy.

As I start to pant,
My mind seems to go on the rant.
I brace against the reverberations,
Of my bodily lamentations.

Lungs aching for a fag,
Stamina and determination beginning to sag.
Ignoring the steady flow of perspiration,
I look around for some inspiration.

Eyes scanning the desolate landscape,
I realize that I am badly out of shape.
Hearing footsteps behind me,
I quickly turn around and see.

Ah there she was like a breath of fresh air,
The beautiful damsel with flowing black hair.
I would loved to have asked her to stop,
But I didn’t know what to do about her pop.

They ran along and disappeared around the curve,
I cursed myself for my lack of nerve.
Not wanting to take the beaten path,
I decided to get back home and take my bath.

Is it the pain from the run or the run from the pain,
Why do I keep thinking so much in vain?
Anyway now that time has come,
Joining me for lemon tea anyone?


Anonymous said...

Good one.....

Keep it up

Ramakanth said...

Good one dude...
We can think of composin music for it :)
BTW. I guess u shud thank your work routine for borin you so much that you resorted to such creative things...

jr said...

Wow!!!! Real cool one, fantastic work ya

Rajiv Shankar said...

Wow Sumod.....gr8 poem pal.

In btw. from where did you flick this from ? :)

P.S: I know your reply is gonna be like @#*%@$$%#, so just don't bother trying it. Rather gimme a honest answer.(I know u cant, but give a try !!)

Kalyan said...

Hey Sumod,
Nice poem dude, it was quite funny(i hope that was the intention) :)
Keep up the good work

Priya said...

u r a funny man...
haha. it was fun reaing it...