Friday, December 07, 2007


Colors oh these colors,
To my horror of horrors,
Turn a shade of dread,
Messing with my head.

Like rashes on my skin,
Or like my dear kith and kin,
They hang on to me,
My every bit aches to be free.

The blue of my t-shirt,
To the red of my fresh hurt,
The green of my envy,
Oh how it consumes me.

My liquid nitrogen anger,
Makes me think clearer,
While the black of my monitor,
Stares back at me in horror.

Numerous nodal connexions,
Pink fleshy juxtapositions,
Nerves of the color steel,
Resolve not to let me heal.

Oh how oh how can I breathe easy,
With these colors driving me crazy;
Come oh come and rescue me.
Consider this invitation obligatory…

1 comment:

Sameera said...

nice supporting fotua :D

was this inspired by the pps *scratching her head to understand the timing* ?