Monday, February 18, 2008

A hair cut and a shave...

Hi all,

This is what I have been saying to people who have been asking "What have been upto?"; "Giving my blog a much required haircut and a shave."

Some stuff that I have put on the blog includes email subscription to the blog feed:

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All you need to do now to subscribe to the Utopian Dream is to make your way to the dark green sidebar of the page and subscribe to the email feed. Alternatively you can subscribe to the feed on your MyYahoo, iGoogle or get it messaged to your phone using Pulsmo; all links given in the sidebar, below the shoutbox.

Also added a reader count chicklet just below the profile information to keep track of the number of subscribers to the blog.

So do subscribe to receive updates as soon as I blog. :-) Thanks guys and of course the gals!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey tried subscrining...but it's not workin out :(

Sameera said...

great that u let the spammers stay :p

i think, just maybe, it has been a while since the hair cut and the shave.

whats with the hair now :p