Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Just 7 questions?

What am I doing?
There's rap shit in my ears.
Darn Black on my lips.
Cuppa with two extra shots; just to my liking.

Why am I writing?
Just to kill the pain.
Maybe to focus, something I need to regain.
Krav Maga that's the way I am fighting.

What am I really?
Looks like I am am just a show-off.
Flaunting my car, my moves, my laugh.
Don't remember when I last showed humility.

What do I need?
Everything!!! Really that is never an option.
The right answer; a long vacation.
Away from the negativity, from all my greed.

Why can't I sleep?
Now that's a real problem to address.
No more dreams, wow what a mess.
Faces from the past and present look in for a peep.

Why am I angry?
I got no big time issues.
Frustration, jealousy, sadness; don't need any tissues.
Mostly because I am always hungry.

Why am I stopping now?
A poem a day keeps my doctor away.
Any more will call for a shrink I can't afford to pay.
That's all I have for now; gotta go grab some chow.

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