Saturday, December 04, 2004

Blue inside out..............


Don't tell me people that there has not been a single day in your life when you felt down and out. I personally am one of those people with a positive attitude (not bragging), but even I have my blue days.

Still don't know what blue means. Ask the people mentioned below and they will tell you :-

a) An engineering graduate searching for a (software) job while all his classmates have been placed in top-notch companies.

b) A guy who loves a girl but holds back from telling her because he knows that he can't spend the rest of his life with her becoz of some damn reason.

c) A successful businessman with a not so successful family life.

I am not going to bore you with an extensive list because the power of blue is so great that it can strike at any particular moment of time and the beauty of it is that it doesn't even need a reason.

Hold on. The question you might wanna ask at this point of time is "Why is this guy writing all this ?" , "Is he depressed ?" ,"Is he trying to make us depressed ?". Woah ho hold on people that's not the idea here. I am just discussing a general feeling which all of us go through at some point of time.

All this talk about blue and I haven't told you why I am talking about this. Blue happens to be my favourite colour. It has always been and it was much later in life that I realised that blue had this other meaning attached to it too.

What do you ppl think abt the colour blue....?


Anonymous said...

blue.........even i like the color blue.....well the sadder version is actually "blues" and when it comes to blue.....ask a college guy staying in a hostel..when the 24th letter of the english alphabet starts repeating , all to maximum ....of a boundary........

i guess u get what i mean.....

kartik kannan

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