Thursday, June 15, 2006

My First Ode to the World Cup

The world is a psychedelic shade of red,

I don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Last night I was up watching the match,

No, not the one in which Dravid dropped a catch.

I am talking about the one in which Neuville,

Helped Germany climb a steep hill.

They were facing a resistance from the Poles,

Who were blocking all their attempts at scoring goals.

Michael Ballack and co with all their pyrotechnics,

Couldn't help the Germans find their bearings.

They missed an umpteen number of chances,

A clear cut case of mistimed headers and aimless glances.

The match was headed for a goalless draw,

Until Neuville exploited the defensive flaw.

One team’s pain was the other team’s pleasure,

The Poles had folded up under the pressure.

To the round of 16 the Germans have almost made it,

While the Poles prepare for an early exit.

The world is a psychedelic shade of red,

Must be all the Polish blood that was shed.



KS said...

Lol and add to that Argentina's 6-0 win and you have a massacre on your hands..
cool da.

sumod_talking said...


Dude abt the Argentinan bag of tricks there is a lot i have to write man... Watch out this space for more and pretty soon at that :)

nithya said...

world cup mania...
got ur face painted yet?? ;-)

sumod_talking said...

@ nithya

very difficult not to be in love with the world cup especially after Argentina turned on the heat ;)

nope waiting for India to get to the World Cup... thats the only way i am going to get my face painted :)