Monday, July 03, 2006

More Questions...

What, where, who, how, why and a truckload full of other questions which may or may not be a permutation or combination or will in the very least be some other manifestation of the aforementioned basic questions, traverse the topography of my brain in the form of infinitesimal pulses. These elusive little pulses, quietly make their way into oblivion and leave behind as few tracks as possible. If only I could, for once make a successful attempt to follow these pulses then I could probably arrive at the answer. The answer I am talking about is the ultimate one to each and every question in this whole wide world and probably in this whole wide Universe and the next one, basically the answer to every question in all creation. However it is very difficult during these moments of existential angst to keep track of a tiny little speck of electrical charge that surges through the creases and folds of one’s brain.

Some however might want to argue on the point that there already exists an ultimate answer. These people who seem find solace in escapism say that the ultimate answer is nothing but “No Comments”. Boring and dull though this answer seems it will take a turn for the interesting if the person who questions is very persistent. Two of my friends Angee (female and a delicious one at that) and Blade (male, not as good looking as me) seem to have gotten into an argument because of Blades’ certain apparently not so straight preferences. Blade is banking on the “No Comments” path to escape.

Angee: (From the adjoining room) Blade are you there?

Blade: (From the room next to the adjoining room in which Angee is) No Comments.

Angee: (Storming into the room next to the adjoining
room. From the adjoining room of course) What the @#%$ did you just say?

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: (Presumably a little taken aback) What do you mean by saying “No Comments”?

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: What the @#%$ ?

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: Have you gone totally out of your

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: Ok!!! Now what is this picture of you kissing this guy in a gay pub doing on the front page of the newspaper???

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: Why didn’t you tell me before that you were gay???

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: Who is this guy in your life?

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: (Inching towards the rather expensive and heavy flower vase that is situated on a corner table in the corner of the room next to the adjoining room again as seen from the adjoining room) It’s Tommy isn’t it?

Blade: No Comments.

Angee: (Reaching out for that rather heavy and expensive vase. Which one? The one on the corner table in the room next to…. Ah forget it, I think you get the picture by now) How could you do this to me u thick @@#$@?

Blade: No Comme…. (Crash, Bang and the sickening feeling you get when you feel that you are lying on the floor with your brain splattered across the wall in front of your own eyes. This feeling (whatever feeling it is) also deepens when you realize that the expensive Ming vase that you paid a fortune for just three days back is now lying shattered beside you.)

Well, so much for Blade’s attempt. The moral of the story however is that escapism never answers any question it just paves the way for more questions. So, do most other answers. Innumerable occasions come to my mind when I have heard a person telling me that he has just one question to ask and then I end up replying to a barrage of so called “follow up” questions. Yes, it just underlines my inability to answer a question correctly.

In, essence the ultimate answer that I am searching for is not really one single answer. No, that can not be. I feel what I am really looking for is an effective technique to answer questions. A technique that produces such an effective and complete answer, which keeps in mind the person asking the question and eradicates all doubt from his/her mind regarding the question he had asked and the ones he would otherwise have asked.

There, this means another quest for me into the vastly unexplored realms of the human mind. Whilst I plan to dive in and find an ultimate solution, any suggestions on how I should go about it or whether I should go about it at all are welcome.

Will I come up with the ultimate answer? How long will it take me if it can be actually achieved? Will it stand the test of time?

For now the only answer I have for all your questions is “No Comments”.

P.S: Here are the translations of few symbols that I have used above:

@#%$ = stands for heck :)
@@#$@ = stands for skull...


jr said... comments!!! :p

KS said...

Lol, "No Comments"
Arrey let a spade be a spade, oops I mean let blade be blade and allow him to locomote langurously in his wet dreams comprising of men build like tanks :D

Was it a cat I saw?

Maaan, Am I twisted or what?