Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is life a two edged sword or something?

Is life a two edged sword or something?
Behold, my path shining bright in the lightning.
Bringing with it the deafening sound of thunder,
That rips me apart, tears me asunder.

That night, freebasing myself to a beautiful high,
Thinking of old times and letting out a tired sigh.
The acrid smoke giving me a hazy satisfaction,
My body pays the price of my vile temptation.

Rain pelting down on that hot night brings me relief,
But drenches the old man in the street, survival his only belief.
Yesterday’s paper for me is trash to be thrown away,
The old man will use it as his bed today.

Have a dream that I am reaching for the stars,
Just to burn my hands leaving deep scars.
Then I wake up to my morning cup of tea,
So hot, that it scalds my tongue you see.

Running wildly through the meadows,
Being chased by what seems like shadows.
Shadows of my past, they don’t seem to tire.
I try to run faster but my feet are stuck fast in quagmire.

From the ghosts of the past I must break free,
The will-o'-wisp of future stands ready to lead me.
But, am I really ready to let go of everything?
Is life a two edged sword or something?

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