Thursday, October 26, 2006


I introduced you guys to AB and Rhythm Mandir in one of my previous posts (The Don Rajaa & His Rainbow Raani.) AB is back with his latest single 'Uptown'. To check out the song visit Rhythm Mandir (AB, Abin and Michael) in their new space @ You can listen to best of Rhythm Mandir here.

It's that time again... Yep da time to get down don rajaa style... :) I loved the song, lemme know what you people feel.

Be sure to have those earphones/speakers plugged in before you access the link...


Sameera said...

ur not gonna believe this.
i was thinking of mentioning this song in my latest post...linking also to ur blog..
thot id check in to see if sumodu has been active here and i find that ur talking abt the same song.

im also lissenin to it right now.
awesome one this

sumod_talking said...

ya i saw that u visited :D ur mail tells me of the day when 'Internet Explorer too away my life' :D nice song this... dunno wat the guy above u has written but there are a few interesting words in it so i aint gonna delete it... all guys visiting plij try to figure out wat mr s't'ink s't'ink is sayin here...