Friday, September 01, 2006

The Don Rajaa & His Rainbow Raani.

Before I go into what Rainbow Raani is all about let me give you guys a little bit of background on this. Once upon a time... Ok, I promise I will not put you all to sleep.

Once upon a time, there were two dashing, handsome and talented (atleast one of them was) guys. We'll call them AB and Madan, shall we. Both of them absolutely loved (and they still love) music and dance. They used to practise their dance steps in ABs house, with the hope that they would, one day, make it to the popular (and their favourite) dance show "Boogie-Woogie". They loved to rap along with the Don Rajaa of Indian music, Apache Indian. Music and cricket were their two greatest loves. AB was an amazing keyboard and tabla player, and a great all-rounder. He had a great voice too. Madan had a good ear for music, loved to dance and could send the cricket ball into orbit with a mighty swing of his bat. They enjoyed the time they spent together. They used to have a whale of a time breaking window-panes, scaring their little sisters, pelting passerbys with fruits and a helluva lot of other pranks.

Well, like all good things their amazing times came to an end as these best of pals had to part ways. Higher education beckoned AB and his SAT scores were high enough to get him a full scholarship in an university of his choice in the US of A. Madan, meanwhile stayed back in India and went on to become a run of the mill software engineer. Correspondence, through e-mails were few and far between as both of them got caught up in their gruelling schedules. The music however did not die. Madan became a great dancer and took each and every oppurtunity that came his way to do his inebirated bhangra at parties (come on not a professional dancer, maybe a professional drinker). AB however decided to channel his talents and passion into something a little more fruitful. He floated a sucessful band in the US. The band goes under the name "Rhythm Mandir".

That has been their story so far.

Obvious questions, you are bound to be asking me/yourself:

a) Who are these guys AB and Madan? Do we know them?

b) Why the hell are you telling us about this?

c) What is Rainbow Raani?

The not so obvious answers:

a) Well, you know them. Yes!!! You love them too. Still thinking... Here they are...

AB (Arnab Banerjee) Madan (Yeah, me)

Yes I love dancing. You guys better stop laughing now or your heads will roll, i swear.

b) Why I am telling you all this is because Rhythm Mandir is doing really well in the US, and I am really happy for (and extremely proud of) my pal Arnab, who is their lead vocalist and keys player.

Rhythm Mandir is the HOTTEST Indian music sensation in the US. Their 'Rainbow Raani' soundtrack, is set for a 2006 release. Also something worth watching out for is their debut Hindi album, also set for a 2006 release.

They will also be giving a live performace at the Bollywood Awards 2006, to be held in New Jersey.

c) Yep, you guessed it Rhythm Mandir is the band that has lent it's musical talents to the movie "Rainbow Raani".

It is going to be a musical love story about a love which extends beyond the physical and bonds all races and genders. The Rainbows is a talented musical band of four young men, like the Beatles were of Liverpool... Click here to find out more.

Hope, I have put to rest the most basic of queries about Rhythm Mandir. Contact me in case of any queries and in case you like what you hear at which I am sure you will, then be sure to join the Rhythm Mandir Fan Club in Orkut, to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings.

To my buddy:

A toast to you pal. I am so glad that you are living your dream. Wish you all the very best in life pal. Here is a "balle balle" to you:

Madan Bhai :)


Sameera said...


*so much affection in that post*

how come madan tho?
neways heres to rhythm mandir nd ur pal..u got famous friends...

u got videos also?of u dancing?

sumod_talking said...

somebody called me that one day while we were playing cric :) the guys liked it and i was rechristined... the name kinda died after i left cal... but itz back, thnx to orkut...

ya somebody had taken videos but their phone got corrupted with the "shakira" virus soon after that :D

Rajiv Shankar said...

You and dancing....this I gotta see !!


sumod_talking said...

shankar, that u should have seen in the 3 years u knew me in college... now its way to late... am out of ur evil grasp :D

Pritha said...

u r into dancing???? never let us knw it in 4 have witnesssed a couple of stage shattering shows...he he he..anyways my best wishes to AB and his gang.

Anonymous said...

madan eh??? good to know that AB pursued his interests the result of which is Rhythm Mandir... my best wishes to him n his band...
and 3 cheers to our very own MJ, aka Madan :-)

sumod_talking said...

same reply i gave to shankar... :D

my weight has slowly but steadily increased and now bhangra is abt the only thing i can do...


thnx veda thnx... u wanna be part of our group??? :D

sumod_talking said...

Thnx to each and every one of you who read and commented...

Arnab a.k.a bibbo will be glad to see that he is already receiving fan mail...

Once again, thank you everybody and all the very best bibbo... :)

Red E said...

Your Best post till date...
Am not exaggerating, that was the first thing I felt after I completed reading it.
And I guess I am right if I go by the number of comments you've written in your own post ... "There's so much to say..."

BTW... I guess you too can be a part of Rhtyhm Mandir. You know how (What Roger was to Floyd...) and that surely doesn't need you to be there.
Guess you should live your dream too...

Cheers to these two brilliant artists ... the Musician I dont know and the writer/lyricist I pretty much know (I think so...)

sumod_talking said...

@Red E

Thnx bro... that's one of the best compliments i have recieved in a long time... i am glad you liked it... I am sure ABs band already has a much better lyricist... why don't we start one of our own :)

Anonymous said...

Why are all the members of this band called THE RAINBOWS bachelors?
Each one has so many girls chasing him that they are confused as to which one should it be. They are like kids who go to a big toy store.
So many toys, which one should we choose? Many years down the road if you see four old guys heading this'll know why.INDECISION BRINGS ABOUT OLD AGE. Mickey

sumod_talking said...



Didn't know that AB had so much trouble sorting out his prefrences... maybe i should lend a hand and help him by lightening his load ;) wat sayz???

There is one more reason for old age... LACK OF OPPORTUNITY... ;) Now if u find an old man posting on this blog then u'll know why :D

Anonymous said...

Ab ur so hot i was at the award that night i saw u 4 first time n o my god, u dance real good n ur cute

Anonymous said...

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Arnab (Rhythm Mandir) said...

...just wanted to thank all Rhythm Mandir fans. 'UPtown' is spreading the world over because of your love & support. After all, the Rhythm's gonna get ya down, 'UPtown' :)

We will perform in India soon, and I would love to meet you all.

Till then, watch our You Tube video on our album release of 'Rainbow Raani' :

love & respect,
AB (Rhythm Mandir)

Poulomi said...

This is for my dear friend bibbo (Arnab) whom I've known for 20 years now (I can think of no other friend that I've known for so long)and all the others who contributed to forming and nuturing Rhythm Mandir congrats to you all and wish you overwhelming success in the years to come.

arittra said...

hi ab well arnab.....gr8 job marvelous.....u have created a landmark in the history of music....specially when people say that indian r baised towards thir kind of own music.....i think u have shown them that what a indian can do ......ur tarck really rocks and i beleive u r gonna get a huge acclaim after the sucess...of it.

best of luck ab u rock

Priya said...

dat was real enlightening...
learnt lotta things :)