Saturday, September 30, 2006

Free country, free time...

Free time.
Lots of it.
All mine.
To do what I wish.

I wish,
Of time I had more.
To carve my niche,
In this world so cold.

So cold,
Let me close the door.
No, I should be bold,
Go out and create a furor.

A furor,
In the market below.
What causes this uproar?
They desecrate a statue of that fellow.

That fellow,
He looks at me.
With peace his face aglow.
Tell me people what was his crime.

His crime,
They shout back,
As they defile him with grime.
He threw us off track.

Off track,
How can that be?
After centuries in the dark,
He helped you break free.

Break free,
"From where and into what?" they demand.
Into the darkness that you see?
Look at the plight of our motherland

Our motherland,
Her future is not so bleak
It is in our hands
To stand up and stop being weak

Being weak,
Is one thing you see,
Quite another when you don’t speak
Against the injustice plaguing our country.

Our country,
Corruption it's biggest vice.
It won't end if you just sit and cry,
So, why don’t you take my advice?

My advice,
They take because we give them bribes,
That, my friends, is the way of life.
Stop giving, that will open their eyes.

Their eyes,
Blood shot and bigoted.
Terror ringing in their cries,
Religious zealots, politically misguided.

Politically misguided,
That’s what most people are,
Some just keep quiet when derided,
Others go out and declare war.

Declare war,
On the evils that surround,
Not with weapons, nor with fear,

One with love, one to bring peace all around.

All around,
A message needs to be spread by you.
A message to those who vilify our land,
Pass on the message of that fellow, our Bapu.

Our Bapu,
The man who carved a niche in this world,
Not for himself but for me and for you.
Let us in our free time spread his word.

His word,
To be truthful, just and fair,
Not to live the life of a coward,
With truth and non-violence confront every liar.

Every liar,
Shall have to answer they say,
We now repent for our acts so dire.

We shall for his forgiveness pray.


Venkata Chandrakanth Burra said...

Ghandhigiri finally got you.. :)) liked the flow from onething to another.

partha said...

The form is very new to's very nice actually.a few elements which need to be refined towards the end.the flow was extremely calculated and well-paced towards the first got a little pedestrian towards the end.i think u can pull the same poise off towarsd the end as made a very nice reading.

sumod_talking said...


Looks like that :D am trying out this new style...


This form is new to me too. I felt the same... towards the end it does get a little boring... will look to work on it a bit more... Am experimenting on this style... u can expect more posts in this style...

the problem with the end is i could not find precise words to address the issues... will sit with it for a cpl of days...

Sameera said...

each time i drop by ur reading some new book

im damn jealous!!!where do u get all the time for reading?

hmm yeah is this the effect of seeing munna bhai or october 2nd..

whatever nice one there!

sumod_talking said...


i told u a long long long time back to quit that company of your's and come work at the place i work... then u will get time for everything :) yeah, reading se lekar sleeping tak everything ;)

tis a combined effect of lage raho and oct 2nd...

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!! Well written. I liked the flow of the poem:) - Celeste

Hemant said...

Wow.. I was not knowing that you are a poet also... NBC has got a lot of talent.. Now I can try looking into COBOL programs also if there is any flow :)

Anonymous said...

hey dude... nice style... made it an interesting read :)...
though, the end was a bit too abrupt...

Kalyan said...

I must say that u have some real talent for writing and this last poem was was poignant without going overboard. I guess it's time that u thought of getting ur work published in print media. Way to go dude

sumod_talking said...

@ Celeste

thnx a lot :)

@ Hemant

am i not good at indentation and code structure... just applying the same to my rhyme structure ;)

@ Veda

thnx :) was trying out this style... will work on the ending a bit and lets see wat comes of it...

@ Kalyan

thnx for the encouragement buddy, but seriously there is a lot more to be done before this goes anywhere :D will be working on it...

jr said...

hey, super style of writing :-)... way to go.......

sumod_talking said...


thnx re :) said...

i have just entered sumod's blog and got simply swept off my feet.what he writes is new, off beat and absolutely delightful.i request him to consider his creativity on professional levels.

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