Thursday, September 07, 2006

Up here on cloud no. 9

Yes, I am in love. That oh so great feeling of touching the soft green grass and the fluffy white clouds at the same time has me completely overwhelmed. Rushing out of office in a tearing hurry to meet her in the evenings, controlling the urge to ring up and check on her in case she gets that ever so lethal feeling that I am being too possessive, thinking about her all through the day and about all the fun we had together the previous evening.

Doing all those typical things that typical lovers so typically do, which don’t seem all that typical to us anymore. We sit gazing into each other’s eyes for absurdly long periods of time, two bodies sharing one soul. Sometimes I feel that she is just an extension of me. Someone sent with the purpose of broadening my horizons and forever changing the way I view things. I feel at times that another dimension has been added to me. I consider her as an extension of my mind’s eye. Someone who captures all that my roving eye and my wayward ears might miss. Her one look is enough to tell me that she considers me as her true inner self. Someone who helps her express herself, someone who helps bring to fore her innate talents, someone with whom she can share all her stories, someone to whom she can show all that she sees, tell all that she hears. I am above all her best friend to whom she ever so softly purrs her most intimate secrets.

Yes, I am in love and I love being in love. It can’t be true what they say about love being blind, otherwise how could I have been drawn towards those mesmerizing eyes. Infatuation you say, I don’t think so. This is something which I expect to blossom into a long term relationship, not one of those short flings one has when he/she has a lot of spare time and does not know how better to utilize it than picking on some unsuspecting soul and professing unending love for her/him.

For the first time in my life someone has reciprocated my feelings and accepted me just as warmly as I have courted her. I believe I can see God in the heavens dressed in his impeccable white suit, as the “modern” God is wont to, leaning back into his easy-chair, pulling at the pipe in his mouth, exhaling a puff of snow white smoke and beaming at how another one of his successful plans to unite two of his creations fell ever so beautifully into place. The best laid plans of men and mice often go awry, but one can’t talk in quite the same vein as one may talk about mice and men, when one is referring to the Almighty. He has a plan for each and every one of us and I am glad that this is what he had planned for me.

One look at my angel and you will agree that I could not have been lying. Here is a little song which might sound funny and ridiculous to all you people out there but it is something I say from the bottom of my heart and nothing is going to stop me from expressing it today. The wordings of this poem are directed at the readers and dedicated to my love.

When I close my eyes,
And look up at the dark blue skies.
I can see the eagle soaring high.
Through my angel’s eye.

When I close my ears,
And see you moved to tears.
I can hear your cries.
My angel, she brings me your sighs.

When I told her I was going to write about her and tell all my friends who read my posts and anyone else in the whole wide world (or the world wide web) who cared to read my blog about my newfound love, she was shy at first, but then reluctantly agreed on the condition that I would not put her photo on my blog. She forgot however that I could put a link to her photo and show how she looked without actually having her picture on my blog.

The view is really great up here on cloud number 9.


Rajiv Shankar said...

Absolutely not !!

sumod_talking said...


Glad you agree... she'll be happy to hear that :)

Alakaline said...

totally agree.. I have a bino I'm equally possesive about

lucky said...

wat an Ass!i very nearly fell for that!
he he cute...nice post i say :)

Sudar said...

Hey buddy,

You havn't changed a bit....

I still have your ever similing face in my mind...


Anonymous said...

Hey mann so well written........all the time i was reading that i was thinking how ever a girl can be so stupid.....but i had my reservations on my thot as your lines sounded so true...u put all my thots to rest in a good way........



sumod_talking said...


we both luv our gadgets don't we :)


moi ass??? :( we'll have to talk abt this... calling names in public... very notty of u missy i say... he he...

glad u liked it


hey buddy the smile hasn't changed infact it has been enhanced by some more extra flesh on the cheecks :D


u think i am such a big lafanga that no girl will fall for me??? :O

if so, then u are damn rite dude :D am still the same ol :D glad ur doubts have been put to rest u jealous @$$^*!#

Sameera said...

u had me there
i was soooo happy for u :p
waste fellow

sumod_talking said...


* taking a bow *

danke danke :)

jr said...

ho!! what a build-up!! neways, the write-up's composed quite well..

sumod_talking said...

just taking a few hints from o oh "Queen of build-ups" ;-)

redroses said...

Written so beautifully... if only those words were meant for some special lady out there, she would be in cloud 9 indeed...

Anonymous said...

have u got one or is it more of an aspiration...

Anonymous said...

Your article is very informative and helped me further.

Thanks, David

sumod_talking said...


hmmm... thanks. when i actually meet someone i will show ur comment to her :)

@ @tm

i actually got one dude :)


you are welcome buddy...