Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chuckle chuckle chuckle... just felt like posting this.

This post will smack and reek of an overdose of narcissism. So roll out your tounges and unclog your nostrils if you want to enjoy it. Just kidding... This is just a self indulgent post which brinks on narcissism and is most definitely a waste of web space. Well actually it might not be that bad when you compare it with the ones featured on; absolute peaches a couple of them. Be sure to check out their archive while you are at it.

The post that follows this intro is a collection of one liners and multi-liners that I have used in order to divert attraction towards me and some of the noble causes I stand for (to be read as "increasing the readership of the Utopian Dream"). So here goes:

About Me

  • Some say I am a nice guy, some say I am goon material, some say I am funny, some say I am wierd... Yet some more say i am cute and there are a few who believe I am mean. Gosh are these ppl messed up or what... (Orkut, Blogger et al)

  • Rutting Rat, Strutting Frog... I am mad and I sleep like a log. (Shoutbox on Yahoo 360)

  • A bad poet, who cant sit quiet. mirror cracking material, waiting for an experience par surreal a lil loony a lil arse headed but, waiting for my "screw" like any nut (About me on Yahoo 360)

G-talk status a.k.a my worst (to be read as best) one-liners.

  • All projects are in the pipeline and I am in the drainage. (Self explanatory right??? Else gimme a call on +91-9886548049 and I will explain.)

  • Immortal Till I Die. (On one of those arrogant days when I felt that only death can stop me from getting what I want... much to the amusement of my boss)

  • Shit falls exactly when i forget my umbrella. (One rainy day when I forgot my umbrella, got shat on by a crow perched on the tree i selected to stand under, had a mailbox jampacked with work, a couple of absconding and a couple of aberrant resources all packed into one)

  • finally not @ ofc, chillin @ home , back @ ofc (the cycle hmmmm no the circle of my life a.k.a "A big zero")

  • bring on the champagne... (a message to ring in the year 2008... here is to all that did not happen in 2007)

  • no not really... (On days when my answer to any question you ask including "Do you use your brain at all?" would be "no not really"...)

  • Available... but at a price. (chuckle chuckle chuckle... Sumod you pervert)

That's all folks. These are the ones fresh in my mammary. I swear that I will keep this post updated with the latest. So come back for more if you haven't had enough already. Oh people, one more thing, if you see the above lines being used elsewhere then please get back to me before the actual owner of the line does.

Note: Any reference to any of my resources, bosses or animal friends is purely coincidental and not entirely intentional.

Adios ppl,
"Jack of one liners and master of none."


chori said...

Shit Happens... The only problem is it is happening too frequently... :)

Sameera said...

"Oh people, one more thing, if you see the above lines being used elsewhere then please get back to me before the actual owner of the line does."


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